Friday, June 7, 2013

Stork Stack June 2013 Review

For those of you who aren't familiar with Stork Stack, they are a subscription service that delivers a monthly care package of 5 carefully selected, high-quality products for mom and baby (up to age 3). Subscriptions start at $28 per month. Our June Stack arrived a few days later than usual. I stalked my tracking information all week and was starting to wonder if it had gotten lost. It finally showed up safe and sound yesterday evening. This month's theme was "Picnic Party," and our Stack was geared towards a four month old boy.

Here is a look at our June Stack:

I peeked at spoilers this month and saw that four month olds seemed to get one of two possible Stacks. I was happy to see that we got this one, because the other had a couple of items that I felt were a little too old for Froggy.

Sassy Baby: Freezies Watermelon Terry Teether/ $4.99 ( - Papa Frog and I have actually been looking for a cloth teether. Chewing on washcloths is one of the only things that Froggy seems to find soothing during his teething episodes. This teether is made out of terry cloth, so it will be perfect for him. The instructions recommend soaking it in water and then freezing in a ziplock bag for an hour before giving it to baby.

Susan Brown's Baby: Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths/ $12.00 ( - These wipes are oil free, chlorine free, dermatologist tested, and hypoallergenic. Froggy has sensitive skin, so I'm sure these will be great for him. That being said, I would never go out and spend $12.00 on a single tub of wipes, no matter how great they are.

Baby Paper/ $4.95 ( - Baby Paper is a fabric sheet of "paper" that makes a crinkling noise when touched. It's a simple concept, but babies go crazy for it. Froggy has a star made of a similar material and absolutely loves it.

Under the Nile: Gingham Kimono/ $16.99 ( - We love Under the Nile products, and this kimono gown is no exception. Their clothing is made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. It's so soft! We have never really used gowns with Froggy (Papa Frog isn't a fan), but this would make an excellent baby shower gift.

GimMe Health Foods: Roasted Seaweed Sheets/ $1.61 ( - The seaweed snacks were this month's mom treat. I wasn't brave enough to try them, but according to Papa Frog they tasted like a mixture of old fish and broccoli. But hey, one of the purposes of these boxes is to try new things, right?

Using the lowest retail prices that I was able to find online, June's Stork Stack totaled in at $40.54. That's a pretty good value for $28. I really liked our Stack this month. I feel like it was a much better fit for us than May's Stack was. The theme was cute, and all of the items were age appropriate. I can definitely see myself buying everything but the seaweed and wipes.

If you would like to sign up for Stork Stack, you can do so on their website. Entering my referral code F6778981 at checkout will get us both $10 in Stork Bills. That will make your first Stack $18!


  1. Love your blog, it's adorable!!

    Love the Baby Paper, my lo would love it and he's almost 2 lol!
    I got 23 month old box, Loved this months theme too!

    Here's what I got:

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