Sunday, June 9, 2013

Googaro June 2013 Review

I was so excited to get my first box from Googaro! Googaro is a subscription box service designed to simplify life for moms. All you have to do is give them your child's age (up to age 3) and gender, and their team will send a care package of 4-5 top-quality, mom-approved products to your door each month. Subscriptions are available for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Monthly boxes start at $35.00, with longer subscriptions discounted. June was Googaro's very first month sending out boxes, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Luckily, they didn't disappoint! I apologize in advance for the weird lighting in some of the pictures. My camera was determined to capture a glare when the overhead light was on.

Here is a look at our Googabox for a 0-6 month old boy:

I usually skip putting up photos of the different tissue paper that comes inside of our boxes, but, seriously, how cute is that sticker? Maybe I'm biased because I love elephants, but still.

At first glance, I was really impressed by how full the box looked. I also recognized several of our favorite brands.

Aden and Anais: Terry Velour Burpy Bib/ $11.95 ( - Oh no, pink! Fortunately, Googaro has great customer service. I emailed them about the mistake, and they emailed me back the same day with an apology and an offer to send me an additional bib in the correct color. We love Aden and Anais, especially their burpy bibs. They are huge and can be thrown over your shoulder as a burp cloth or snapped around baby's neck as a bib. Froggy is determined to try to cover his clothes in milk at every feeding, and these bibs are the only ones that keep him clean. 

Lamaze: Hula Girl Travel Toy/ $13.00 ( - This hula girl is so cute! She has a loop that velcroes on to the stroller tray. As you push the stroller, she wobbles back and forth and makes a little jingle sound. The bright colors caught Froggy's attention as soon as I opened the box, and the hula girl's hair and skirt are perfect for grasping babies to grab hold of. 

Mambino Organics: Happy Baby Soothing Stick/ $8.75 ( - This will definitely come in handy for us. Froggy has sensitive skin, so I'm constantly on the lookout for gentle skin products with safe, natural ingredients.

Seventh Generation: natural bottle and dish liquid/ $3.09 ( - How did I not know this existed. We use regular Seventh Generation dish liquid and really like it, but it is very sudsy and takes a while to rinse. When you have a screaming baby who wants something Right Now, fifteen extra seconds of rinsing time feels like an eternity. I tried this out last night and found it to be a much easier rinse than the regular formula. I love that the bottle is full size instead of a sample or travel size.

Mom, Dad and Baby: The Mommy Hook/ $8.50 ( - If you read my blog last month you already know that I'm a big fan of "The Mommy Hook."  It makes juggling bags, a stroller, and a baby (Froggy will only actually sit in the stroller about 30% of the time) a relatively sane experience. This one is green, which automatically makes it at least twice as cool as the one we already have.

The grand total for the items in our Googabox came to $45.29. That's really good considering the boxes are only $35.00, and shipping is free. I felt like the products were a nice mix of fun and practical. They also get major points for a quick and painless resolution to the bib mistake. No company is perfect, but I love doing business with companies that are all about a positive customer experience. If the coming months continue to be on par with June, I just might have a new favorite box service!

If you would like to sign up for Googaro, you can do so on their website. Until June 30th you can use code AWSNAP for $10 off of $40 or more or code FABMOM for 10% off of any purchase.

PS: Be sure to check back next month. Googaro will be offering a surprise for a lucky reader!

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