Friday, May 3, 2013

Stork Stack May 2013 Review

Stork Stack is a monthly subscription box for moms and their little ones. The boxes typically include 3-4 items for baby and 1-2 items for mom. They are available for $28.00 per month. Each month has a theme, and this month's stack was the "Anniversary Stack" in celebration of Stork Stack's first birthday. I was very excited to see what they would do with the theme for the month.

This was our stack for a 3 month old boy:

According to the package insert, the "Anniversary Stack" includes products both from past partners and new partners. It isn't the best theme fit that I've seen from them, but I can see how it sort of works. These are the four products that were included for Froggy:

The first item that we pulled out of our Stack was a Two-Dees Animal from North American Bear Co.. Froggy isn't really at the age where he can appreciate a stuffed animal yet, so I wasn't overly excited about seeing this. I do like that it seems unique and not just like a run of the mill stuffed animal. I thought it was a bunny, but according to North American Bear Co.'s website it's actually a dog. It is currently selling for $12.80 online.

The next thing in the Stack was a set of two Stephen Joseph reusable snack bags. These bags are labeled ages 3 years +, so they seem like an odd choice for a 3 month old. On the bright side, I am sure they are versatile and will come in handy eventually. The bags retail for $6.99.

Next up was the book "Wee Willie Winkie." As I mentioned in a past review, we love reading to Froggy, and I love finding new books in our subscription boxes. I'll happily add this one to our collection. The retail price of the book is $4.99.

The last item in the box for Froggy was a Rubbabu education ball. The insert says that this toy is designed to stimulate imaginative play. This is another item that I'm not sure Froggy is really old enough to enjoy, but we will try it out and see. The ball currently retails for $6.95.

The mom treat in this months box was a Credible Cravings bar for moms and moms-to-be. I love getting food treats in our Stacks, but I'm not a fan of dates which were a main ingredient in this particular bar. I do really like that the bars are organic and contain probiotics with no fillers or artificial ingredients included. I would definitely be interested in trying out other flavors from this brand. The bar retails for $3.00.

The total value of this month's Stork Stack was $34.73. This was far from my favorite stack content wise, but that is part of the fun of these services. It makes the months that really hit it out of the park even more exciting. If you are interested in trying Stork Stack, you can sign up by clicking Here. Entering my code F6778981 at checkout will take $10.00 off your first month!

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