Saturday, May 4, 2013

Craving Alert: Favorite Pregnancy Treat

This month's Stork Stack contained a treat from Credible Cravings, which made me think back to all of the things I craved while I was pregnant. About halfway through my second trimester Papa Frog nicknamed me the cookie monster. Cookies were definitely my biggest weakness. I went through a phase around Christmas where I was baking every single day! Despite my major sweet tooth, I tried my best to come up with some healthy alternatives that would satisfy my cravings. One of the snacks that got me through is super easy to make and so yummy! All you need is a whole-wheat flour tortilla, your favorite peanut butter, a banana, and honey (optional). Spread peanut butter over the tortilla and then drizzle a little bit of honey over the peanut butter. Place the banana on the tortilla and roll it up! You can also make it quesadilla style and use banana slices instead of a whole banana. I loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches as a kid, so this was the perfect treat for me. Share your biggest craving and favorite pregnancy snack below!


  1. I think I had a hot fudge sundae every night of my last month of pregnancy. I wish I could say I came up with a healthy alternative, but nope!

    1. No worries, Janet! I definitely gave in to my sweet tooth more times than not!