Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bluum May 2013 Review - Tummy Time

Bluum is a New York City based subscription box company that sends 4-5 items for mom and baby (up to age 3) each month. Their boxes cost $25 per month, but there are often introductory offers available for a discount on your first month. I decided to give them a try for myself after reading mixed reviews on the company. Bluum has a different theme for each age, and I was thrilled to see in my account that our theme was Tummy Time. Froggy spent his first three months hating Tummy Time and has just recently started to enjoy it.

Here is a look at our box:

My first impression was that I didn't see how the items in the box had anything to do with Tummy Time. There was an insert that talked about the importance of Tummy Time, but that was about it.

This is a cyclops security blanket from Angel Dear. I love Angel Dear products, and this blanket is super soft and so cute. It retails for $11.19 on

This is a bubbly bird teether from Bkids. Froggy is actively teething now, and purchasing teethers for him has been very hit and miss so far. This isn't one I've seen before. Who knows, maybe it will be the one. The teether retails for $5.99 on Amazon.

This is a CD called Colors of Asia. I feel like it's a really random item to include in this type of box, but maybe they saw it as something to help mom relax? Froggy hasn't been a fan of this type of music so far, but I'll see if Papa Frog wants to listen to it during his meditation time. The CD retails for $12.99 on Amazon.
This is an i ♥ boppy water bottle. There was also a $10 off a nursing pillow coupon (we already have one) and an ad for Boppy products. It looked like something I would be handed by a company at a convention booth for free. I was unable to find a retail value for this item as they're no longer available on Boppy's website.
I don't like to judge boxes by a single month, because I understand that tastes vary and even the best companies can have off months. That being said, this was not a good first impression at all. Technically, not including the water bottle, our box was worth $30.17. That's not a bad value, but the box left me feeling like someone went into a room blindfolded and grabbed four random items. They had nothing to do with the theme. Additionally, our box shipped a full week after the shipping date stated on Bluum's website with no explanation given for the delay. Red flag? Si. I'm going to need to be blown away next month to stay with them.
If you're interested in giving Bluum a try, they do have an awesome referral program. If you use my referral link, I'll get a free box and you'll get 15 points towards a free box. Then, when one of your friends signs up using your link, you'll get a free box plus another 15 points towards a free box. You can earn even more points by reviewing the products you receive. Yay for free stuff!

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